Crea Max Hammer Labz, 56 servings
  • Crea Max Hammer Labz, 56 servings
  • Crea Max Hammer Labz, 56 servings

Crea Max Hammer Labz, 56 servings

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Crea Max from Hammer Labz is an advanced creatine supplement with components that promote muscle mass growth.

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Crea Max from Hammer Labz is an advanced creatine supplement with anabolic components that support increasing testosterone levels. Its powerful anabolic action allows for rapid growth of lean muscle mass.

With 4 forms of the most effective creatines (creatine HCL, creatine pyruvate, creatine gluconate, creatine nitrate) supported by a unique combination of components that increase anabolic hormone levels, Crea Max is an excellent way to increase lean muscle mass, setting in motion many anabolic processes that will enhance growth.

The supplement has active compounds such as arachidonic acid and fenugreek, which act strongly as testosterone boosters and will allow you to achieve noticeably superior results. It effectively supports muscle growth even in the most growth-resistant individuals, and the special composition of active substances will guarantee high quality gains.

Its components (4 forms of advanced creatine and 8 anabolic supplements) will help to achieve:

  • increase of lean muscle mass
  • increased testosterone,
  • faster recovery,
  • increased strength and endurance
  • quality gains

How does Crea Max by Hammer Labz work?

Creatine - a blend of 4 forms of creatine provides a strong anabolic effect, increases the amount of glycogen in the muscles, faster regeneration and significant strength gains. Creatine is responsible for energy production, increases the rate of ATP resynthesis and allows for faster muscle regeneration between sets.

Testosterone boosters: supplements that optimise hormone levels will direct your body towards a significant increase in testosterone. More testosterone, by reducing aromatisation, translates into a significant increase in lean muscle mass.

Insulin mimic - The active ingredients in Crea Max take excellent care of insulin sensitivity in the tissues. Improved insulin action allows more amino acids and glucose to be delivered to muscle tissue allowing for faster recovery and increased protein synthesis. In addition, more effective insulin sensitivity to limit body fat accumulation. 

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